VM suggestion for gaming?

Welp, it's finally happened. Windows 10 has become so bloated, slow, and spooky that I finally have decided to bite the bullet and set up a VM on my linux Mint partition. Do you have any suggestions for a virtual machine? My PC is a relatively basic mid-range business laptop, 8gb of ram, no GPU, only a few years old. I'm a...

What game do you recommend someone who likes the mechanics but not the setting of Baldur's Gate 3?

I saw people going on about how great BG3 is on this site, so I thought I'd check out a let's play to see what all the fuss was about. I immediately fell in love with the graphics and the mechanics, such as the classes, races, spells, dice etc, but I disliked the emphasis on gore/horror in the game, and I know I wouldn't enjoy...

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