TheMagicalTimonini ,

Dann, they can have so many avocado toasts.

lars ,

Well you need to have gumption and a can-do attitude to earn at these levels. Has OP tried either of these yet??

sharkfucker420 , avatar

For those who don't feel like reading an article it is about India.

It's about 30% of all wealth controlled by the 1% in America but it's 67% of all wealth controlled by the top 10%

The bottom 50% control 2.5% of the wealth

All my math was done personally using statistics from the fed

RememberTheApollo ,

Disparity never goes out of style.

phillaholic , avatar

Top 10% starts at $173,000 so it’s a bit misleading.

valen , avatar

Mildly infuriating? This is revolution level infuriating.

jordanlund , avatar

Americans: "Only 40%? Those are rookie numbers..."

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