Kolanaki ,
@Kolanaki@yiffit.net avatar

notices username

Is it an effort to set back the women's sufferage movement another 50 years?

andrewta OP ,

Why would you think that? Not trying to be a jerk,I'm honestly curious how you drew that conclusion?

amio ,

I'm almost sure they were joking, but your username does resemble a certain high profile name, known for being a heavily misogynistic twat and (alleged, but, y'know) rapist and trafficker.

Sethayy ,

Although technically its a prejudice against Andrew Tate fans, I'd say generally an overwhelming majority interpret his views as fairly traditional "wife should serve men" type of thinking, making most of them sexist (and it a reasonable assumption of yourself, given little other context)

andrewta OP ,

So because my username has the name Andrew in it means I must like andrew tate?

Not sure how he came to that conclusion

Sethayy ,

Pretty much yeah, assuming andrewtate would be taken and its similar enough, but I'll admit I assumed it was too at first - you do have 8/10 letters matching

andrewta OP ,

Fair enough. Enough letters are there.

I'm about as opposite as you can get.

AmidFuror ,

Should have used atwerdna, then.

andrewta OP ,

Or my name is Andrew and the initials ta stand for something.

andrewta OP ,

lol I literally got down voted for saying my name

Cheradenine ,

Is it about Linux?

andrewta OP ,

No. Now I have to ask how would one write a constitutional amendment about Linux?

SpaceNoodle ,


xmunk ,

In an all caps rant like our lord and savior Torvalds, hallowed be his name, imtended.

elbowgrease ,

take a look at politics at lemmy.world. their side bar has links to other related communities, any one of which might also be a good place to post depending on what you have in mind

HerbalGamer ,
@HerbalGamer@sh.itjust.works avatar

constitutional amendment? for the constitution of lemmy?

andrewta OP ,

Sorry I should clarify that. No the constitution of a country

HerbalGamer ,
@HerbalGamer@sh.itjust.works avatar

Depending on what audience you're looking for; either a politics discussion community or a legal advice one.

andrewta OP ,

Probably a political discussion. Any suggestions?

HerbalGamer ,
@HerbalGamer@sh.itjust.works avatar

I suggest you search for it and post it wherever you think it'll be well recieved.

Deestan ,

A community for the country in question would be a valid starting point.

Though you will need political supporters and momentum to properly try. It's going to be ignored if it's eventually just you sending an email to government.

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