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Something about communication that confuses me. In real life or in person I should say, we can't jump into a conversation with a group of strangers easily if at all. It's frowned upon and considered weird. Yet social media is mostly made up of this. Why is there a difference? Why is it acceptable to jump in online? I'm glad it is though or I'd never be able to talk to people.

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@the5thColumnist I think my post wandered off into non neurodivergent land on Mastodon again. I'm discussing neurodivergence and the struggle with socializing and hopping in a conversation in person and why it might be so hard for us vs online. If this doesn't apply to you (or you're not neurodivergent) that might be why your message doesn't make much sense in regards to my post and maybe this discussion/space isn't for you. :octo_happy:


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@punishmenthurts @dimly_lit_room @actuallyautistic
I have to admit I never saw that on BrandX.

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I'm feeling a little low today. What are some things that you folx do to help yourselves out of a funk?

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@sebwhatever @actuallyautistic If you look at yourself in the mirror with your teeth together, it's a very tense look

Lightly open is the way

A slight o with the lips everything relaxed so that gravity fills that area up with water instead of tension making it harsh lines that take time to undo

It's pure logistics for me because if I don't and I get cramped in an angry face, I can't sing sometimes for months

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@VoxofGod @sebwhatever @actuallyautistic
I tried to ask Google for the scientific explanation for a smile, and there’s nothing, just some talk about chimps and laughter, not smiles.
So I made up my own Autistic mind and a smile is a silent, shared snarl, shared kinetic aggression. Teeth are weapons, a good smile means you are battle ready, and a group all smiling is a group that is locked and loaded.
If you doubt it, think of bad people smiling, politicians smiling.
I swear, NT science likes that to be a secret. But I got a bad attitude.

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The colony of South Carolina was the most radical one south of Virginia.

They’ve always been radical.

Nothing much has changed.

Yesterday’s is the of today.


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@paninid @histodons Weren’t the first shots of the Civil War in S. Carolina? We really screwed the pooch when we did not strip citizens’ rights from the insurrectionists.

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@paninid That's an oversimplification, Runyan. Complex problems don't lend themselves tosimplistic answers. Plantation captains of industry couldn't live without extracting labor they didn't have to pay much for and you see that even today with attempts to roll back child labor laws in the face of stemming the tide of illegal immigrants, whom they hire for the purpose of wage theft because they know they won't file a complaint with the Labor Department....and then whine in public about illegal immigration. NeoConfederates are the scumbags of the earth.

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aaaaaaaaaa i feel the urge to hack something

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Please be more specific:

  • A robot girl
  • Wood
  • The Gibson
  • Electronics
  • Russia
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Once again letting the Discogs’ Random Item feature choose my listening. A real blast from the past. Still slaps.

Wire - Pink Flag


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@puffer @SpaceAce @vinylrecords Those cheeky lads!

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@_slotek_ @puffer @vinylrecords Mike Thorne did it kinda against their will - also hired background singers for uhmmm Mannequin is it the la la la song?
That gut did great, all 3 Wire albums and Colin's A-Z are great records

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Just telling a story.


I was remodeling the bathroom for a rich girl who'd been strung out and was being pimped. "Messed up" doesn't begin to describe her, but she was gorgeous. In her prime. Mid to late 20s.

So she was tripping her face off and slinkied into the bathroom with me; came up on me like sex on a platter and backed me up against the wall. She went to kiss me but i was enough taller than her i could raise my chin out of reach.

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She then chomped down on my neck. Hard. Broke the skin, and if i yanked away she would have torn off a mouthful.

I have no idea what was going through her head, but after thirty seconds or so of increasing jaw pressure i used the teacher voice on her. The loud, aggressive voice of command. I forget what i actually said, but i destroyed her whole vibe.

She pulled back and literally collapsed when i barked at her.

See why i don't hit people? Words work.

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💛 “Anti-Racism 101: Own Your Racism”

Point out sexist or homophobic behaviour, say, and they’ll try to laugh it off. But racism? They’re outraged. Most of us will declare we’re anti-racist, but few of us are genuinely, actively anti-racist.
—Rebecca Berry


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@clayrivers I read it when it dropped into my inbox. Very good article!!@BigAngBlack @BlackMastodon @blackmastodon

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@clayrivers @BigAngBlack @BlackMastodon @blackmastodon

a race is a contest of speed

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Might go for a walk for an hour. Maybe get some boba tea.

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@graphite @yassie_j yaseen has a LABYRINTH ZONE GOLD ACCOUNT and so they are entitled to one free boba tea a week

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@Velveteen @graphite I realise I technically do

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i haven't interacted with a trans girl that isn't cute

stinky ,

@graphite busts in the door looking hideous Until Today!

graphite OP ,

@stinky ​:verifiedCutie:​

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if you have bsky, follow me ( :3

asahi ,

@graphite just why. you’re literally turning yourself over to the dark side. cmon.

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@graphite @asahi do a yaspeedrun

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The Zone of Interest is one of the most cognitively intense/demanding films I have ever seen. No other film to compare it to comes to mind. This is a piece of art that, in truly Deweyan terms, works on you.

@philosophy @pragmatism

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@WorldImagining @philosophy @pragmatism by dewey are you referring to the pragmatist? how does he or his philosophy show in the film?

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@WorldImagining @philosophy @pragmatism i've only engaged with richard rorty's work; and a really cool australian philosopher of science, peter godfrey-smith who mentions dewey several times in his works i like.

not sure if godfrey-smith mentions dewey in his paper 'evolving across the explanatory gap' [1], which is to me the best explanation of subjectivity and the origin of consciousness thus far...


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In Japanese folklore there is a tale about a shapeshifting kitsune known to trick people and leave them with their heads shaved. Two bold young men tried to outwit the mischievous fox but met the same fate. You can read the whole tale on my website at the link below.

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@folklore @curiousordinary
I was not aware of that story. A strange concept, but perhaps not unique.

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@curiousordinary @folklore Yeah, Fox shaved my head once. Took me a few weeks to notice.

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Diseases transferred by mouth love sharkey

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Mwah! ​:puniko_kiss2:​

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@Uwathebestgirl mwahmwahmwah!

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Het is weer eens een beetje uit de hand gelopen met boeken uit de bieb halen

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@moniquevv @boeken ik ook, daarom heb ik het gekozen voor de boekenclub en herlees ik het nu. Ben benieuwd naar de leeswijzer (van Senia) en de leeservaringen van de anderen

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@lalage @boeken een “paar” weken. Ik vind t nog steeds veel! Maar ook heel erg lekker, al die boeken!

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@flora nyaaa

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@graphite ​:neocat_catmode:​

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