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A lot of truth in there. I don't much like the way she describes her understanding of the idea that most people are now "out of the pandemic" when it implies that 1) this is fine when it's absolutely not because 2) the pandemic is over after all, just not for people like her.

This is misguided in my opinion, because it is far from over for anyone. In fact it is rampant and raging currently, killing & disabling tons of people, a lot of them previously healthy.

It's not just that the vulnerable deserve better, but that vulnerability exists on a spectrum, and we are ALL on it, we ALL deserve better than this, because everybody is worse off after Covid healthwise, whether they realize it or not. If we came together on the grounds of this concept, we could actually create a better place together, and protect each other from harm.

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Yes! To be perfectly clear: This is not meant to downplay the desperate plight of the vulnerable (of which i count myself among btw), but to highlight the fact that we should not go about this in a way that gives people that believe themselves to be healthy an excuse to not have to act to fight this unacceptable situation. We are all in it together, and it really goes back to the saying "nobody is safe, until we all are", the meaning of which has still not been fully understood by most people unfortunately.

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We don't know whether that will happen to all of them or to some of them...but the mere possibility quite frankly SHOULD raise the alarms, and the principle of precaution should apply until we either know it doesn't for anybody, or have fully functional treatments/cures. Instead of all this though, we are just letting things roll, and watch the harm unfold. That isn't and shouldn't be what healthcare, empathy, and common sense are about.

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