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co-founder of 404 Media (404media.co). Former VICE's Motherboard Signal: +44 20 8133 5190. Wickr: josephcox. Email: joseph@404media.co. Twitter: https://twitter.com/josephfcox

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ChatGPT out of nowhere started speaking complete gibberish on Tuesday. Multiple users reporting bizarre non-sensical answers. If the biggest AI product can shit the bed like this, how can we reliably trust them in more important situations https://www.404media.co/chatgpt-started-speaking-gibberish/

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    New from 404 Media: a woman is bringing a class action lawsuit against massive sex toy company Adam and Eve for sharing information about her sex toy searches with Google, including what she added to her cart (“Pink Jelly Slim Dildo”) https://www.404media.co/woman-sues-sex-toy-retailer-adam-and-eve-claiming-it-shared-data-about-her-dildos/

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    New from 404 Media: inside a global phone spy tool that takes data from ads inside normal apps to monitor billions. Company removed videos while I was asking questions; we archived in the article. Google has now cut-off a connected company in response.


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